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Why Phuket | Good plans | Events

Why Phuket

Phuket offers something for all and a lot more than only beaches. The natural beauty of the island, with its green hills, jungle forests, plantations, vegetation and many beaches makes it a real paradise on earth.

It's also the departure point for superb excursions and nautical adventures in the Bay of Phang-Nga, Krabi, the famous Phi Phi Islands as well as a number of small paradise wild islets and also cruises to the Similan Islands close to Burma.
On land Phuket is situated close to the big national parks of Khao Lak, Khao Sok, Krabi and Phang-Nga. Or you can enjoy adventures by Land Rover or elephant riding.

Today it's a reputed and well known destination thanks to the number of local and international flight connections, its great choice of hotels, the fine conditions of living and its medium prices.

Your security is guaranteed: no political troubles, no crime nor aggression.

The different religions of the island, Buddhism, Hindu, Islam and Christians live in perfect harmony at a Thai rhythm.

Phuket with its affable always smiling population is still the best remedy against stress.

The Phuket culture is very diversified by Chinese, Muslim and Portuguese influences you will find back in the city architecture.

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The Thai cuisine with its countless small seafood and fish restaurants will caress your mouth.

Beside the well known and excellent traditional Thai massage, a number of hotels and private companies offer now also high quality Spa programs for all budgets.

The Phuket landscapes offer you fine white sand beaches and tropical rainforests only a few kilometers away. A real heaven for the lovers of nature.

Paradise for divers, Phuket became the best diving center in the Andaman Sea. The sea bottom around the island offers beautiful corals, colorful tropical fish from the smallest ones to the giant whale shark and fantastic underwater panoramas.

The golf courses of Phuket are magnificent, full of flowers all year round. Excellent courses and reasonable fees make of Phuket the best destination for golfers of all levels.

Good Plans

Large selection of clothing, souvenirs and everything you want at very competitive prices.

Antiques and decor goods
You can find many showrooms to visit with amazingly beautiful products.

Painting galleries
You will find many art galleries with different painting styles. For a very reasonable price, you can have any replication produced from an image.

Tailor Shops
Tailor shops are everywhere ready to serve you and offer prices that could not exist in Europe. They can copy any of today's top fashio designers from France or Italy.

Precious stones
It is the right country, with a large selection and very competitive prices. Please be sure to go to government approved shops.

Optical products
Large selection and always more competitive than Europe.

Amazing dental service and much cheaper than Europe.

Plastic Surgery
Again amazing service, qualified doctors and reasonable prices.

Hundreds of restaurants are available in Phuket and its region. You will find a wide selection ranging from Japanese, Thai, Chinese, French, Italian, Mexican, Indian and so forth. Available for all budgets.

Night festivities
Hundreds of bars, pubs, karaokes, night clubs every night and for all ages & taste.

Spa & Massage
Your choice, many budgets, luxurious Spa program or resting with a Thai massage on the beach.

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To find more information and make hotel reservations, contact our travel agency from our group of agencies and companies.


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local events:

  • Chinese New Year end of February
    Be ready for very loud fire crackers, colorful decorations and local Chinese divertissements. The parades and the special dragon show promise a full spectrum of colors in the streets during this 2 days festival.
  • Songkran Thai New Years from the 13th to the 15th April
    The Thai New Years is without doubt the celebration the most ecstatic of the year. Many religious ceremonies will occur in all the temples of the country and the streets will be transformed into a battlefield…a water battlefield. The custom is to spray water on others as a sign of purification, ritual happily accepted during the hottest season of the year. The city is in full party mode, with parades and elections of the “Miss Songkran” as by the Thai customs.
  • Annual Old Phuket Festival
    Explore the majestic Sino-Portuguese architecture of Phuket. Visit the galleries of the old living styles of Phuket. Appreciate the exotic local delicacies and traditional candies. Music, dances, discoveries and meet people, it is a celebration during this 2 days festival.
  • Phuket Vegetarian Festive in October
    Main event in Phuket, this festival is primarily for the Chinese community. The followers will stick to a 10 days vegetarian diet, along with many religious ceremonies in Chinese temples. The strongest followers will put forward impressive demonstration of their strength against pain.
  • Loi Krathong the full moon of November
    According to the tradition, Loi Krathong, Festival of lights, originated in Sukhothai, the first Siamese capital in the XIII century. The festival was active within the exceptional framework of the ruins of the old city. Krathongs illuminate (small boats in sheets of banana trees) are installations on the water parts while fireworks illuminate the sky and that dancers restore aristocratic arts of Sukhothai with a spectacle of sounds and lights.

Themes events:

  • Bikers gathering of Phuket in April
    This is the opportunity to see an astonishing collection of Harley Davidson, and superbikes in this annual event. Music, contests, parties and drive around the island. More than 1000 motorcyclists are present and each year the number increase.
  • Phuket International Marathons in June
    Marathon of 42Kms – half marathon of 21Kms – fun marathon of 10Kms – kids marathon de 1Kms and walking race of 5Kms. About 2000 participants from 40 countries will attend this event.
  • Football 7s of Phuket in November
    The annual tournament of football 7s of Phuket is a social event created for the fans of football of the Asia Pacific region. 7 players per team and no money involved, it is purely for the pleasure and for recreation. Today more than 50 teams meet during 2 weekends.
    All the new teams are also welcome.
  • Regata « King’s Cup » December 5th
    Each year, on the 5th of December, a sailing race is organised in the honor of His Majesty the King of Thailand. The first took place in 1987 to celebrate the birthday of the King 5th cycle of 12 years. More than 100 racing sailing boats from everywhere in the world will race in different categories. This event has became the first nautical event of Asia. The competition extends over one week, in series of regattas between Nai Harn Beach and the islands of Phi Phi.
  • Laguna Phuket Triathlon in December
    Programmed during December, it is one of the most popular international sporting events of the year on the island. Since 1989, the triathlon (1 kilometer swimming, 5 kilometers on bike and 12 kilometers on foot) attracts athletes of international level coming from all over the world.

Other Events
  • November - Carnival Phuket
  • Nov 14-17 - Chalong Bay fishing tournament

  • Dec 1-8 - Phuket King's Cup Regatta
  • Dec 2 - Laguna Phuket Triathlon
  • Dec 6-9 - Phuket International Marine Expo

  • Feb 22-23 - Phuket International Blues Rock Festival

  • Apr - Phuket Gay Festival
  • Apr - Phuket International Cricket Sixes

  • May 31 - June 01 - Tenth Phuket International Rugby 10s

  • June - Kalim Surfing Contest
Contact us if you wish to receive more information about these event for your next vacation to Phuket

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